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R-CCAP Solution for Hospitality

  • Introduction

    The bidirectional HFC network transmission is a basic project for interactive videos and broadband services. Sumavision R-CMTS solution provides a simple and effective way to realize this access network demands. By using the indoor type R-CMTS located in the Hub/Control room, the bidirectional HFC network can transmit downstream and upstream data, which realize two-way services demands likes VOD, OTT, broadband and so on.

  • Based on the features of low cost, high bandwidth and miniaturization, this solution is focused on some small clients, such as hotel, hospital and other industry clients particularly.

  • And Sumavision o?ers two solutions based on coaxial and fber optics for di?erent scenarios. The CC8800 Series R-CMTS utilizes existing coaxial networks to provide fast, efcient and low-cost broadband networks. The PN8602 series OLT has the characteristics of small size and high capacity, which is suitable for the deployment of fber networks in hotels. And the specific network of the solution is as follows:


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